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Pedro Martin Rojo - Curator's view

Pedro Art 64.jpg

Pedro was born in Tenerife 1982, raised in Madrid and grew up in an art-loving family surrounded by two artists; his father, Jose Luis, and his uncle, Juan Andres.

This greatly influenced his love for contemporary art, most especially pop art.

Pedro studied Business in ESB in Germany, lived previously in London.

He has been painting colorful portraits for more than 15 years and since 9 he is based In Zürich.


His passion is to capture the soul through the expression of the eyes and to catch the personality and feeling of the moment, for he believes that each face has a story behind it.


His art is emotion, its different feelings, but specially connects with you on a mysterious captivating beauty level.

His paintings are expressive and exhibit a brute force with fascinating vital energy

His technic is spontaneous, pure, always means to take risk with a thick stroke of color that shows the movement and catches your attention on the eyes.

He makes use of mix technic on canvas, acrylic and palette knife mainly. The shades  published roughly on the canvas turn out to be an extremely compelling work light and colors, colors bring you different contrast and weigh, like make up on a face, he strengths the expression


Pedro has been commissioned to portrait well-known celebrities such as Eddie Izzard and other notable local personalities like Sara Leuetenegger, Adela Smajic or  Raffa Plastic.


Main Exhibition references: Art Basel 2018 (Braswell Arts Center), Art Innsbruck  2019, Solo Vernissage in Der 4te Raum Zürich 2017, Art Niederdorf 2018 to 2020, Solo Vernissage in Park Hotel Zug 2017, Hispanic Art Society exhibition in November 2020, Katapult Gallery exhibition in Basel 2020 and several art Markets like ArtMetalli and Art Talents 2017 till 2020.


Pedro’s ability to portrait his clients with his unique technic makes him especially attractive for the collector, because not only can you acquire one piece of the collection bellow but you can also order one custom made from you


Morella Jurado, Curadora de arte

La obra de Pedro, nos vincula a una belleza instituida. Un canon actual, de lo que reconocemos en este mundo globalizante, como un rostro bello.
Y es que la belleza, es en realidad el sumun del poder.

Art Basel 2018

His art is emotion, its different feelings, but specially connects with you on a mysterious captivating beauty level.

Jose Luis M.

Pedro Martín tiene una extraordinaria capacidad de transformar colores,
haciendo de su obra un centro de convergencia de relaciones sociales y todo
un signo icónico que interactúa con el espectador

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